Dr Suporn Watanyusakul MD Chonburi Thailand


Welcome to the official Suporn Clinic web site.

In here you will find descriptive information about the techniques I use for male-to-female Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), Feminizing Facial Surgery (FFS) and Augmentation Mammaplasty (AM). I hope that you will find it to be both informative and useful.

I have been practicing craniofacial, aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery since December 1991, and my Clinic practice is presently in Chonburi, Thailand

In 2000 I developed and introduced a proprietary technique for SRS which does not use the more traditional penile inversion method. It is a one-stage technique which I have constantly developed and improved upon, and which - in my experience - gives consistently superior overall results to the more traditional methods. I have published a number of medical papers outlining my technique in learned medical journals, and which have been presented to the Royal College of Surgeons in Thailand. A summary of these presentations is available within these pages.

The FFS techniques I use are generally well established craniofacial methods, but in 2003 I started using an innovative and proprietary method for effectively reducing forehead brow bossing in medium severity cases.

While my clientele is primarily male to female transsexuals seeking total transitional surgery, I also regularly perform aesthetic facial, mammaplastic and vaginoplastic surgeries for natal women.

I am certified by the Medical Council of Thailand, and as of September 2009 I have performed some 1800 primary cases of SRS in patients of about 40 nationalities, the majority of whom now originate from the United States of America and Europe.

It is my aim - along with that of my wonderful staff who are devoted totally to ensuring our patients' utmost satisfaction and care - to be able to offer the very best surgical practices, with pre-operative and post-operative support of an order which is second-to-none.






A short outline of my surgical career development is here:



1979 - 1985 Medical Training   Chiangmai University Chiangmai Thailand
1985 - 1990 General Surgery Training Certified 1992 Chonburi Hospital Chonburi Thailand
1990 - 1992 Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery Training Certified 1992 Chulalonkgkorn University Bangkok Thailand
1992 - 1998 Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery   Chonburi Hospital Chonburi Thailand
1992 - 2006 Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery   Aikchol Hospital Chonburi Thailand
1992 - date Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery   Dr Suporn Clinic Chonburi Thailand


Suporn Watanyusakul

Chonburi, Thailand

September 2009