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Dr Suporn’s Retirement

After a long and distinguished surgical career that has brought him to the top of his profession, Dr Suporn has announced his intention to withdraw from full-time surgery at the end of 2018. He will undertake primary SRS and FFS operations on an increasingly reduced basis during 2019, and after 2019 intends to undertake no new primary SRS or FFS operations.

This announcement outlines the effect of Dr Suporn’s decision on past, present and future patients.

Suporn Team

Rather than continue as a one-surgeon Clinic, we intend to diversify and operate as a Team of surgeons offering ultimately wider options than we presently do.

It is Dr Suporn’s intention to train a new (but already qualified) surgeon or surgeons in the practice of his proprietary Non-Penile Inversion Sex Reassignment Technique, which he has now performed on over 2500 patients world-wide since 2000.  Training will commence in Quarter 3, 2017.

Clients who are already scheduled to undergo surgery with Dr Suporn in 2017 and 2018 are guaranteed that their operation will be performed  exclusively by him.


Surgery Availability

A limited number of new operations have now been made available on our calendar in 2017 and 2018. Those particular operations will be full SRS operations conducted mostly by Dr Suporn himself, but in which he will also provide some “hands on” surgical experience for his new colleagues. Those particular dates are identified differently from those done exclusively by Dr Suporn. Clients who opt for surgery on those dates will be offered a slightly reduced price for surgery even though initially they will be performed almost exclusively by Dr Suporn himself.  In the first few of these "Team surgeries" the Team surgeon will start by observing only, then in later operations will play a minor role, but will gradually perform more of the surgical content under Dr Suporn's guidance as he/she gains experience.

During 2018 and 2019, some operations will still be done exclusively by Dr Suporn himself (separately from those clearly identified on the calendar as “Team Surgeries”). There will be a reduced number of those in 2019; Dr Suporn will do about half as many operations in 2019 than he has done in previous years, but no surgeries personally from 2020 onwards.

During 2018 the share of the surgery done in those specified operations will be increasingly done by Dr Suporn’s colleagues, and less so by Dr Suporn himself. The intention is that by the end of 2018, Dr Suporn will be fully satisfied that he has passed on his technique to his colleagues, who will then be able to perform SRS using his technique, unaided by him, from 2019 onwards.

During 2019 it is expected that half the operations will be done by Dr Suporn alone, and half by his Team colleagues alone.

By 2020 Dr Suporn will do no surgeries himself; all will be done by Suporn Team surgeons only

Dr Suporn has currently identified 2 surgeons to work with him, but for now we have introduced only the first. Others may join later.

For those who may be concerned that the "Suporn Team" surgeons might be "beginners" are assured that this is not the case. The surgeons chosen by Dr Suporn to join the Suporn Team are already fully qualified plastic surgeons in their own right, but who have expressed a keen preference to undertake SRS using Dr Suporn’s technique. Our highest standards will prevail during this transitional period and beyond.


Observation by non-Team Surgeons

Additionally, but separately Dr Suporn now allows residents and recent graduates from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training from King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital to observe sex-reassignment surgery. Since 2013, the Department of Surgery at Chonburi Hospital has become an official affiliation/ training partner with King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. As an alumnus of this training program, Dr Suporn has been asked by the faculty staffs and especially his highly respected mentors to share his experiences with these young surgeons, as part of their training program.


Important News (25 October 2017)

**** Calendar of Available Dates ****

With immediate effect we will be changing on the way in which the calendar is published, and the way in which we will be reserving operation dates as and when they become available.

Instead of publishing free dates when they become available, we will now only publish the calendar with any changes once every two weeks. The calendar will be displayed only on a Tuesday and Wednesday, for 2 complete days during which time all the operation dates that are available at that time will be displayed.

Following those two days, we will allow a further day in which clients have the opportunity to request any of those dates for them to undergo their primary operation.

On the Friday following the two days on which the calendar has been published, the names of every client who has specifically requested a surgery date will be “put into a hat”. Each name will then be drawn out of the hat randomly and fairly, consecutively until all the available dates have been allocated. Clients must submit a new request for a free date each time the calendar is published. Names will not “roll over” from previous requests.

If a date is requested by a client who already has an operation reserved, and they are successfully allocated a new date, the date they currently have reserved will immediately be made available for the current “draw”, and that date will be reservable for the next name to be drawn out. Clients who are successful in having a date reserved will be notified individually by email. Clients who are not successful will not be notified. The initials of the successful clients will be inserted on the calendar.

The calendar will also show the date of the next “draw”, so there is no need to keep checking the calendar every day for changes.


No preference is given to any specific client. All are treated equally. Payment in advance is not necessary. Having done so will not offer any advantage, but all clients are reminded that in order to be eligible for any date, they must already have completed and submitted a client profile to us to confirm their eligibility for surgery. Any client who has not done this will not be eligible to reserve a date.

Clients are also reminded that if they are successful in obtaining a date, they must be able to pay the 20% deposit within 21 days of being notified that a date has been allocated to them. If the deposit is not paid within 21 days they will automatically have their provisional reservation canceled, and the date that they had provisionally allocated will again be made publicly available. There will be no extensions available for clients who are unable to meet the 21 days deadline, so please do not ask for a date if you are not certain that you will be able to pay the deposit in time.

Dates for FFS

Because of the extremely limited availability of dates for FFS, a certain number of days will be allocated specifically for FFS only. Those particular days will be annotated with a different color on the calendar. Only clients seeking FFS will be allocated one of those dates. FFS operations will be undertaken by Dr. Suporn exclusively. Until notified to the contrary and for the foreseeable future, Team Surgeons will be undertaking SRS operations only.