Dr Suporn’s Retirement - DEFERRED!

News as of 30 March 2019

We are excited to announce that after very careful consideration, Dr Suporn has decided to
defer his retirement for at least another year. Instead of undertaking no operations after 2019 as announced some 2 years ago, he has now decided to continue his work a little longer, and will undertake a number operations during 2020. However, the intensity of his involvement will decrease, and he will undertake fewer operations in 2020 than has been the case in previous years.
Suporn Team Surgeons

As previously announced, it is Dr Suporn’s intention to train a new (but already qualified) surgeon or surgeons in the use of his proprietary Non-Penile Inversion Sex Reassignment Technique, which he has now performed for almost 3000 patients world-wide since 2000.  Training commenced in Quarter 3, 2017 and is ongoing.

Dr Chaymote Chayangu (Dr Bank) is the first surgeon to have converted to using "The Suporn Technique" for SRS, and has already been undertaking operations for our clients, without any input from Dr Suporn since October 2018. He is already a clear favorite with our clients!

The second Team Surgeon to join us is Dr Navipa Dusitanond (Dr Prae). Dr Prae has been working with Dr Suporn during a number of SRS operations through 2017 and 2018. She already has experience with using Dr Suporn's technique with her own clients, but during 2019 she will operate under Dr Suporn's guidance to hone some of the finer aspects of the surgical technique. During 2019 it is anticipated that most of te operations she will perform for our clients will be in conjunction with Dr Suporn's direct supervision.

Observation by non-Team Surgeons

Additionally, but separately Dr Suporn now allows residents and recent graduates from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training from King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital to observe sex-reassignment surgery. Since 2013, the Department of Surgery at Chonburi Hospital has become an official affiliation/ training partner with King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. As an alumnus of this training program, Dr Suporn has been asked by the faculty staffs and especially his highly respected mentors to share his experiences with these young surgeons, as part of their training program.
Surgery Availability

The schedule for 2019 is mostly full, though occasionally patients do release their dates for other clients to reserve. We will shortly be releasing more new operations available in 2020. We will phase the release of those dates over a period of 2 or 3 weeks to avoid bunching of applications as soon as they are announced, and to give more potential clients the opportunity to see availability.

Dates for FFS

Because of the extremely limited availability of dates for FFS, a certain number of days will be allocated specifically for FFS only. Those particular days will be annotated with a different color on the calendar. Only clients seeking FFS will be allocated one of those dates. FFS operations will be undertaken by Dr. Suporn exclusively. Until notified to the contrary and for the foreseeable future, Team Surgeons will be undertaking SRS operations only.

**** Calendar of Available Dates ****

Once the newly available dates have been phased in, the calendar will normally be updated when and as  date becomes available because of a postponement, cancellation, or addition. There is no pattern to when this will occur. Operations are allocated on a "first ask, first reserved" basis,  so clients wishing to seek a date are advised to check the calendar on a regular basis to avoid disappointment.

No preference is given to any specific client. All are treated equally. Payment in advance is not necessary. Having done so will not offer any advantage, but all clients are reminded that in order to be eligible for any date, they must already have completed and submitted a client profile to us to confirm their eligibility for surgery. Any client who has not done this will not be eligible to reserve a date.

Clients are also reminded that if they are successful in obtaining a date, they must be able to pay the 20% deposit within 21 days of being notified that a date has been allocated to them. If the deposit is not paid within 21 days they will automatically have their provisional reservation cancelled, and the date that they had provisionally allocated will again be made publicly available. There will be no extensions available for clients who are unable to meet the 21 days deadline, so please do not ask for a date if you are not certain that you will be able to pay the deposit in time.

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