SERVICE Suporn Clinic

Our Commitment to our Patients


We are committed to providing a service - from start-to-finish - that is without parallel. Patients undertaking surgery with us receive the following care and support, all fully inclusive with the cost of surgery....


Prior to Surgery

  • Booking accommodation in Chonburi (usually at the Mercure Hotel, some 200 metres from the Clinic)

  • Meeting at Bangkok Airport by Clinic Staff, and transportation in the Clinic's luxury air-conditioned coach to the Mercure Hotel,Chonburi

  • All transportation to and from the hospital

  • Clinical assessment, consultation and discussion with Dr Suporn prior to surgery

  • Additional psychological and psychiatric examination (if necessary)

  • All medical pre-operative tests (blood pressure, BUN, CBC, chest X-Ray, electrocardiograph (ECG), blood (HIV))

  • Craniofacial x-ray evaluation for facial feminization surgery

  • All surgical and hospital costs

  • Pre-surgical night in hospital

  • Provision of pre-paid mobile (cell-phone) with international dialing and patient-exclusive number for use during duration of stay in Thailand

After Surgery in Hospital

  • 4 (FFS) to 7 (SRS) nights in hospital for post-operative surgery recovery in deluxe private suite with sea-view of the coast

  • Nurse sleeping en-suite for first night after surgery

  • Exclusive English-speaking nurses working in shifts throughout the day and night

  • All meals throughout stay in hospital. There is a wide variety menu, and special dietary needs will be met on request

  • All local telephone calls (e.g. to Clinic)

  • All medical supplies and prescriptions

  • Additional daily visits by Clinic staff

  • Transportation from hospital to Hotel accommodation

Patients who

  1. have predisposing medical conditions including effects of past smoking or
  2. have moderate overweight (not clinical obesity)
  3. are over 65 or
  4. who have unexpected difficulty recovering from surgery

.......may need emergency care in the intensive care unit (ICU) for 24 to 72 hours under the direct care of a personal physician. For this reason, not all patients would awake in their own private suites after surgery. When deemed safe, they would be transferred to their private suites where, when present, their companions would be awaiting them


After Leaving Hospital

  • All medicines, medical supplies and prescriptions required up to departure from Thailand. Additionally, for SRS patients we provide an exclusive 3-piece dilation (stent) kit

  • Post hospital daily visits in hotel by Clinic nursing assistants

  • Follow-up check-ups as required by Dr Suporn in the Clinic

  • All transportation (as required) between hotel, Clinic and Hospital

  • Medical certificates specifying surgery undertaken

  • Photographs taken during and after surgery provided on CD

  • Transportation to hotel in Pattaya, and return, for fitter patients preferring to convalesce in Pattaya. Please note that Pattaya is some 50 km (30 miles) from Chonburi, and we are unable to provide as comprehensive a daily-care service for patients staying there

  • Assistance with obtaining visa extensions as necessary

  • Confirmation of return flights

  • Transportation to Bangkok Airport on departure

  • Full use of the Clinic social facility:

Social and Recreational

Recovery from the surgery is paramount, and we expect patients to stay with us for a prolonged recovery period. We recognize the effect that has on patients staying away from home and their loved-ones. While recovery should not be considered a vacation, we provide the best facilities we reasonably can, to ensure satisfaction throughout your stay. During your stay with us, we provide you with:

  • Full and free use of the Clinic facilities. We like you to think of, and to treat the Clinic as, your home for the duration of your stay

  • Pre-arranged recreational visits to places of local interest and beauty such as temples (wats) in the Clinic coach, accompanied by Clinic staff

  • Arrangement for personal recreational and shopping visits elsewhere. Unfortunately, because of the wide variety of such visits, we ask patients to contribute towards the (low) additional costs of doing so.

Our lifetime warranty:

We are confident that the surgery provided, along with the care given, is as high as is humanly possible to achieve. We also recognize, however, that no surgery, by any surgeon - anywhere - can be guaranteed never to have any form of complication. Our sole aim is to provide patient satisfaction with their surgery.

If - at any time after leaving Thailand after having had surgery with Dr Suporn - any patient is dissatisfied with any aspect of the agreed surgery they underwent with him, Dr Suporn will carry out any revisionary surgery necessary at no cost to the patient, as many times as necessary until the patient is satisfied with the outcome, subject to the following:

  • Patients must absorb the cost of travel to and from Thailand for corrective surgery. The Clinic will absorb the costs of transportation (as for new patients, above) while under the care of the Clinic in Chonburi
  • Patients must absorb the cost of hotel and accommodation during their stay in Thailand
  • The Clinic will absorb the costs of all surgery undertaken within the Clinic or hospital, and for all medication and prescriptions necessary during the patient's stay in Thailand. It is solely Dr Suporn's decision whether the revisionary surgery is carried out in the Clinic, or in hospital
  • Where - for clear surgical reasons - further corrective action is not possible, is ill-advised or unreasonable, or is clearly against the best interests of the health and safety of the patient - Dr Suporn reserves the right not to undertake further revisionary work. A clear and precise reason will be given under such circumstances
  • If - in the interim period - patients have already undergone surgery with another surgeon that might reasonably be determined to have affected the outcome of the original procedure, Dr Suporn reserves the right to decline undertaking further corrective work at no cost. Such rare circumstances would be treated on a case-by-case basis, and would be be made only after physical examination


As a matter of policy we do not make public our prices on this web site or elsewhere on the internet. We believe we offer extremely competitive prices in comparison with similar surgical procedures offered elsewhere. We believe that prices quoted are a personal matter between ourselves and the Clinic. Naturally the price of surgery will be a major consideration with any potential patient, and of course we will provide quotations for surgery for every individual case on request during our patient-to-clinic dialogs. We do not aspire to offer a 'cheap option'; it is our aim to offer the highest excellence of surgery possible coupled with the highest-obtainable quality standards of patient care, at a fair price.