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Miscellaneous Information


Intra-operative Photography A sequence of digital photographs or/and video recording are documented for all cases of FFS, AM, and SRS. Upon request, a sequence of digital images can be provided to patients (especially for those who need them to build their personal/resource web pages on the internet). These latter images are solely owned by the Clinic with full permission for personal use by patients. Under no conditions are they to be released to third parties (e.g. private organizations, production companies, media).

Film and Video Photography The Clinic reserves the copyrights to all pre- and post-operative photographs taken by the staff of the Clinic and Hospital. As necessary, selected images are used for dissemination of public knowledge in its web site, teaching, and research while ensuring the anonymity of patients.

Film and Video Photography at Aikchol Hospital Photography within the public and surgical areas of the hospital is prohibited by the Director of the Hospital. The only exception where any photography can take place is in the patient's private suite.

Film and Video Photography at Dr. Suporn Clinic The Clinic is a semi-public/private environment, and prior permission must be obtained from all those who are photographed, including staff, other patients, and guests. Prior permission must also be obtained when publishing any photographic images where the subject might be subsequently identified ( such as in the internet or hard-copy publications).

Clinics, Hospitals, Institutes, Media

Observation of Surgery remains prohibited to all non-medically qualified individuals, other than as specified elsewehere on this web site, or as explicitly authorised by Dr Suporn. Only the primary surgeon (Dr. Suporn), anesthesiologists, nurses, and Clinic staff are permitted in the operation room at the Hospital. Clients or patients are respectfully asked not to ask to watch surgery, to avoid us having to decline and disappoint.

Research from Academic Institutions (Universities) Clinic staff assist in non-commercial/non-profit research in transgenderism, transsexualism, and medical treatment in Thailand through Transgender ASIA. 

Independent Journalists, Film-Makers, and Production Companies We do not permit filming for commercial purposes of patients or activities within the Clinic or Hospital environments