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We no longer maintain testimonial links from past patients, because owners of the links often move them or take them down without updating us, and broken links can be frustrating. Searches using "Google", "Bing" or any similar search engine will reveal dozens of up-to-date testimonials, which we suggest you use instead. 

Yahoo! Group Dr_S_Club

A very useful resource, we suggest, is the Yahoo! internet group known as "Dr_S_Club" . The group comprises hundreds of past patients of Dr Suporn, as well as dozens of prospective clients. The group freely discusses the pros and cons of surgery with Dr Suporn, and members give personal details of their own experiences when they have undergone surgery with him. There is also a gallery of photos posted by members, which show their personal surgery results.

We wish to emphasizeThe Dr_S_Club is a private forum, and is not directly connected with Dr Suporn's Clinic in any official capacity. The views, opinions and statements made on that group represent only those of the individual authors of the messages. We cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any statement made in there.

Feedback on Surgeons

Patient "ratings' of their experiences with various surgeons are here:


These show Dr Suporn to have the highest patient satisfaction of all surgeons listed. Again, we emphasize we are not responsible for the content or opinions expressed in that web site, which is in no way connected with the Suporn Clinic.





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