Augmentation Mammaplasty (AM)

Pre-Operative Preparation

Normally the 'high-profile' (round) textured cohesive silicone gel breast implants sourced from Laboratoires Eurosilicone, France, will be placed under the breast muscle through an incision made in the axillary (under-arm) area. Placing the prostheses beneath the muscle gives the most natural appearance. In some patients where the breast muscle is particularly strong or where natural breast tissue is quite thin, Dr Suporn may elect to place the prostheses above the breast muscle. While this is a perfectly acceptable technique, it is not the preferred method because the breast can look a little less natural. Patients will be advised during their pre-operative consultation which procedure the doctor will use.

Prostheses Size Selection

Implant sizes range from 300cc to 500cc in 25 cc increments. Selection of the size of breasts is a very individual matter, and patients will undoubtedly already have given some thought to what size they aspire to. However, there are a number of factors that they may wish to consider prior to coming to a final decision:

Hip Width Generally non-genetic females have narrower hips than their genetic counterparts. Be aware that large breasts above slim hips may attract attention for the wrong reason – by looking unnaturally large and seemingly ‘fake’. Try to limit the size to maintain a good sense of proportion.

Chest Frame If one has a large or wide chest frame, take into consideration that prostheses that are too small will leave a wide gap between your breasts, and will look unnatural.

Assistance As part of the selection process, the doctor will advise on what size he considers appropriate to your body frame, and you will be given the opportunity to try a number of varying sized prostheses during your pre-surgery consultation.

First Impressions Bear in mind that – if you have not previously ‘tried’ larger breasts, prosthetics may feel unnaturally large at first. Very soon after surgery patients quickly become used to the new larger size, and they will feel much more natural and ‘part of one ’. By the same token that one should be careful not to select a size that is inappropriately large, it is equally important not to be tempted therefore in selecting a size that might quickly dissatisfy you post-op.

Thai patient - 300cc Implants Filipina patient - 300cc Implants Thai patient - 300cc Implants Thai patient - 325cc Implants Thai patient - 325cc Implants Thai patient - 350cc Implants German Patient - 400cc implants