Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Dr Suporn carries out full facial feminization surgery, depending on the needs and wishes of the patient. FFS involves - usually - alteration of the underlying bony structure of the skull to a more feminine shape and proportions. Once the bony structure work has been completed, within the same surgery the soft tissue is adjusted to give as aesthetically pleasing and female appearance as possible. Dr. Suporn's emphasis is on coordinated aesthetics and proportion. In conjunction with the patient's wishes, he prefers to adopt an artistic view of what he believes will be the best appearance, rather than adhering rigidly to mathematical proportional norms.

For surgical purposes, we tend to consider the feminization process to be covered by broadly 4 main group areas. From experience Dr. Suporn finds that integration of the full group of procedures leads to the most coordinated and pleasing result, and these are offered as a 'surgical package' at a reduced combined price. Patients may choose whether or not to have carried out a particular procedure within a group area , according to their specific needs.

Prior to undertaking surgery we ask each patient to undergo a FFS assessment process to enable us jointly to agree with the patient on the most appropriate surgical procedures.

Surgical Procedures

Upper Face

  • Brow Lift - raises the eyebrows to give the eyes a more open and feminine appearance
  • Upper Blepharoplasty - tightens sagging upper eyelid (which may also otherwise be introduced by performing any of the above). An injectable filler such as Aquamid can be used to remove 'crows feet' from the outer corners of the eye area

Mid Face

  • Rhinoplasty - reshapes and resizes the nose to a feminine appearance. Can correct asymmetry or pre-operative defects
  • Alarplasty - reduces the width across the alars (nostrils) to give a smaller nose when seen front-on
  • Lip Lift - reduces the distance from nose to upper lip, giving more feminine proportions and appearance. This has the effect of slightly rolling outward the upper lip giving a fuller juvenile effect. It is achieved through a shallow 'v' incision immediately below the nose
  • Lower Blepharoplasty - removes looseness and age lines from beneath 'baggy' eyes giving a more youthful appearance

Lower Face

  • Mandible_(jaw)_Shave - re contours the jaw to give a less square (male), more pear-shaped (female) appearance. Dr Suporn will no longer offer this procedure after 2018.
  • Chin Re profile - reshapes the chin as required to give a more feminine shape

Face Lift

  • Rhytidectomy - a SMAS deep-plane full face lift improving youthfulness and feminine appearance. This surgery is normally applied to patients of age 40+, and involves lifting the face, jowls, jaw line, and neck and their underlying muscles (including liposuction, if necessary). The surgery is a major surgery, lasting some 6 hours for this procedure alone. Cannot normally be performed in the same surgery as major lower face work (chin and jaw). Dr Suporn will no longer undertake any face lift procedure after 2018.


Other Feminizing and Aesthetic Procedures

  • Otoplasty - pins back prominent ears as necessary. Dr. Suporn does not undertaken surgery that alters the basic shape of the ears, other than minor reduction of the ear-lobes
  • Zygoma Reduction / Enhancement - Dr Suporn no longer undertakes surgical alteration of the zygoma (cheek bones)
  • Thyroid Cartilage Reduction (TCR) - shaves or cuts the Adam's Apple cartilage, which is often a predominantly male feature. Involves a fine 1.0 cm external horizontal incision above the Adam's Apple