The Suporn Clinic

Gender Confirmation Surgery is the last step in the long and often stressful journey undergone to transition to one’s chosen gender. For a transgender person, the decision to undergo surgery to confirm their chosen gender is literally life changing. Choosing the right surgeon, and for all the right reasons, is paramount. Once surgery has been undergone, it cannot fully be done again, nor can it be undone.

The Suporn Clinic’s aim is to afford male-to-female transgender clients the best possible opportunity to achieve a surgical result that will enable clients to lead a lifetime of activities in their chosen gender without limitations. Our team of highly skilled and impassioned doctors, nurses and administrative staff are always available to give clients the best possible experience and empathy.

In the late 1990s Dr Suporn Watanyusakul MD was carrying out gender confirmation surgery using at that time the traditional and well-documented penile inversion technique. He had already decided to devote his surgical career in this specialist field of plastic surgery, and quickly came to realize the considerable limitations of the commonly used penile inversion technique still used by many surgeons today. He set about devising an alternative technique aimed to overcome all the limitations of penile inversion surgery and so provide a far superior outcome in terms of aesthetics and function. In 2002 he formally presented the findings of his breakthrough technique to the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand, having already by then successfully proven the benefits of the technique on nearly 150 patients. The revolutionary technique is a non-penile inversion technique, which has become known colloquially as “The Suporn Technique” – minor variations of which have now been adopted by other notable surgeons in Thailand.

The successes of those early operations led to the creation of The Suporn Clinic, which immediately started to attract clients from all over the world. By 2005 and consistently since that time, around 180 clients per year on average have elected to come to the Suporn Clinic to complete their transition.

Dr Suporn practiced as the sole practitioner until 2017, when he started to introduce additional surgeons into the Team – the first and exclusively trained by Dr. Suporn was Dr “Bank” Chayangsu.

While clearly of overwhelming importance, we think “just” offering the best surgical technique and outcome are not enough alone. Our greater aim is to offer a fully holistic lifetime experience:

The following pages describe in much greater detail what is different and better about The Suporn Technique, as well as more fully describing the skills and experiences of the surgeons and surgical staff. We also describe the non-stop support our administrative team provides in helping clients get to Thailand, arranging accommodation for their stay for recovery, returning home and the lifelong after-care we provide after each client leaves for home again.

If you are seeking confirmation surgery, we’d love you to join our family.