Suporn’s Non-Penile Inversion SRS Technique

Suporn’s Non-Penile Inversion SRS Technique

Dr Suporn and his fellow surgeons consider the techniques above to offer no benefit over the technique they already use. Initially using penile inversion surgery more than 20 years ago, Dr Suporn recognized all the limitations of the penile inversion technique mentioned above. That is why he developed his non-penile inversion technique which he has used with well documented renowned success for more than 3000 clients since 2001. 

His technique makes available almost all the penile tissue to create realistic, full length labia and a 3 dimensional vulval vault with correctly positioned urethra and sensate clitoris. 

Again focusing on the vagina to compare with the numerous limitations of penile inversion surgery documented above, vaginal depth is much less limited by the availability of penile tissue. The vaginal lining is formed by using a full thickness scrotal skin and penile skin graft, supplemented by urethral mucosa. In addition, the Suporn Technique also harvests tunica vaginalis from the testes. Tunica vaginalis derived from the abdominal peritoneum is a serous membrane that covers the testes. Because the testes per se are not used in the creation of the female genitalia, the tunica vaginalis offers an easily harvested and useful addition – where necessary – to line the vaginal cavity. This – along with urethra mucosa – is dramatically less invasive than a peritoneal pull-through technique.

The Suporn Technique does not require any permanent hair removal from the penile shaft because the follicle bearing layer of tissue is excised during surgery. To avoid hair in the immediate vaginal entrance removal of hair from small area of the perineum some 2 inches by one inch (5cm x 2.5cm) is beneficial, but not essential. 

Vaginal depth is not really limited in the Suporn Technique. A vaginal depth of 6 inches (Approximately 15 cm) is virtually guaranteed in every case after the surgery, and over the past 10 years or so the average has exceeded 7 inches (17 cm). Depths in excess of 8 inches have been exceeded on several occasions, and even greater depth is principally physiologically limited only by the dimensions of the patient’s abdominal cavity, not by the penis donor material. Because the vaginal lining comprises only skin grafts, vaginal prolapse is impossible with the Suporn Technique. However, one must note that the eventual depth also depends on dilation.

The tissues the Suporn Technique uses to line the vagina provide excellent mucosal characteristics which are equally as good as or better in quantity and quality than any offered by the multitude of variations of the penile inversion technique.

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