The Suporn Clinic is located in Chonburi, Thailand – some 80 km (50miles) south-east of Bangkok. It is situated some 300 yards (metres) from the Rattanachol Hotel where patients are normally accommodated, and as such is within easy walking distance for all.

During patients’ stay with us we expect them to treat the Clinic as their home. Despite its seemingly formal title, it is very much an informal place in which to rest, a place in which to socialize quietly with other patients, and a place where patients find constant support and attention.

Within the Clinic we have the Clinic Main Reception, consulting rooms for discussions with Dr Suporn, a fully equipped operating theatre with recovery rooms and a large patient lounge in which patients can relax.

The Clinic lounge facilities are available to all patients, and include the following:

  • Easy comfortable armchairs
  • PCs with Broadband internet access with hard-wired LAN for patients use
  • Shared wireless network LAN, with unlimited access
  • Television
  • DVD Player
  • Bar for unlimited free soft-drinks
  • A library of reading matter
  • A large patients’ “quiet room”
  • Thai massage facility
  • Outside seated sitting and rest area



The Suporn Clinic staff are totally devoted to ensuring that every patient’s needs are met as far as is humanly possible.

We do not consider ourselves so much to be staff, as to be ‘family’. During your stay with us, we will do everything possible to ensure your comfort, health and well-being. After patients have left us to return home, many have formed long-lasting bonds of friendship with their carers.

All of our administrative staff speak excellent English. Please allow us to introduce ourselves briefly

Aoi is Dr Suporn’s wife, and the Clinic Manager. She speaks excellent English, and ensures the overall smooth running of the clinic at all times

Aey (Clinic Manager and head of Post-Op care), Jib and Mickey speaks excellent English. They are team of the administrative/ post-op care assistants.

They help prepare patient documentation, performs patient visits , arranges entertainment and provides patient support for clients during their time in Chonburi.

Kuk and Noo are the Thai receptionist who maintain the schedule for Thai patients and prepare medicine prescriptions for collection

Dang, Aew and Toey are 3 of our clinic operating theatre nursing staff

Rung and Tip  are our housekeepers, and help keep the Clinic homely