Patient Administration

The following gives comprehensive information required by patients prior to traveling to Thailand for surgery. Patients will be sent further information when they schedule for surgery. Patients requiring greater detail than we have shown in here or elsewhere in the web site about specific administrative needs should contact the Clinic for advice at The Suporn Clinic



As a matter of policy we do not make public our prices on this web site or elsewhere on the Internet. We believe we offer extremely fair prices that reflect the excellence of the quality of surgery and service provided. We do not offer discount prices, believing that a “same price for all policy” is the fairest.

We believe that prices quoted are a personal matter between ourselves and the Clinic. Naturally the price of surgery will be a major consideration with any potential patient, and of course we provide quotations for surgery for every individual case on request during our client-to-clinic dialogs.

We do not aspire to offer a ‘low-price option’; it is our aim to offer the highest excellence of surgery possible coupled with the highest-obtainable quality standards of patient care, at a fair price.

Payment Schedule

Surgery is scheduled by a fixed deposit sent immediately via electronic transfer of funds.

All prices quoted are in Thai Baht (THB). The international monetary exchange rate between a patient’s national currency and the THB fluctuates daily. The Clinic has no influence over these rates. It is the patient’s responsibility to absorb any changes to costs to themselves brought about by International Exchange Rates, as well as any costs incurred in effecting the transfer by both sending and receiving banks. For very useful information regarding inter bank exchange rates and trends (possibly to assist with timing of payment) we recommend visiting the following site: Foreign Exchange Rates (

We require patients to meet the following payment schedule:

  • For confirmation of surgery we require a minimum deposit of 20% of the quoted surgery price within 21 days of asking to reserve a date for surgery. Where patients wish to schedule for surgery less than 60 days in advance, payment arrangements will be made on an individual basis
  • Scheduled surgery dates are provisional until the deposit is received. On receipt of deposit, the agreed scheduled surgery date will be allocated to the patient
  • Final payment covering the price of all surgery must be made to the Clinic no later than 30 days before the date of surgery. In the event that any patient does not meet this criterion, we reserve the right to reschedule the otherwise reserved surgery day to another patient to cover the eventuality of the Clinic’s having to pay for operating theatre cancellation costs

Payment Method / Transfer of Funds

Patients are given detail information regarding transfer of funds for payment at the appropriate time. Inter-bank transfer is the safest and most reliable method (for both parties) to transfer funds overseas to other countries. We do advise, however, that generally the most beneficial way for them to transfer funds is by transferring in their own currency (NOT in THB) to Thailand. That will ensure the lowest bank costs involved, and give a most favorable exchange rate. Any overpayments received after currency conversion will be adjusted when in Thailand in the form of a cash refund. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are transferred in time, or full payment will not be considered to have been made.

The Clinic does not accept cash, travelers cheques, or international cashier’s cheques (bank drafts) and does not maintain a credit card facility.

Cash / Currency Exchange

Patients are recommended to pay for their major expenditures (such as hotel bill) by standard credit card (Mastercard, or Visa). There are many conveniently located ATM machines available to obtain cash, with the nearest one being directly opposite the Clinic some 20 yards distant. It is not necessary to worry about bringing Baht in from one’s home country, or exchanging currency at the airport. Cashing travelers cheques at a bank can be a tedious experience, time-wise.

Documentation Required

All patients are required to submit the following by email digital image, fax or airmail document:

  1. Copy of suitable photo identification (e.g. drivers licence, Passport, etc)
  2. Copy of bank wire transfers
  3. Copy of flight itinerary (not flight tickets) showing flight numbers and arrival and departure information to and from Bangkok Airport

Please ensure the file sizes of any documents sent in ‘jpg’ format are under 100 KB each

SRS patients – ALL patients also required to bring with them (and send copies in advance) original, signed (hard-copy) documents of diagnoses or referrals from psychosexual professionals (MD or PhD)

Please see the attachment here for surgery checklist.

Cancellation / Rescheduling

Rescheduling by Clinic

The Clinic reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the final surgery date to meet local circumstances. These will only be applied once the patient has arrived in Thailand, and will not in any way affect any flight reservations made by the patient

Rescheduling by Patient

Late cancellations or reschedules adversely affect the Clinic, the hospital other patients awaiting surgery. Patients wishing to cancel or reschedule surgery after a schedule has been agreed will be asked to forfeit some or all of their payments made to cover the Clinic’s costs of doing so, even when they intend to commit to surgery at a later date. We will refund any moneys paid only on the following basis, relative to the agreed surgery date:


  • Cancellation with more than 90 days notice: Full refund of all money paid.
  • Cancellation with between 89 days and 60 days notice:  Patient forfeits 50% of deposit. Balance of payments made refunded to patient.
  • Cancellation with between 59 days and 30 days notice:  Patient forfeits 70% of deposit. Balance of payments made refunded to patient.
  • Cancellation with between 29 days and 7 days notice: Patient forfeits deposit. Balance of payments made refunded to patient.
  • Cancellation with less than 7 days notice: Patient forfeits 50% of price of operation


  • Rescheduling with greater than 90 days notice. No effect; all payments made are transferred to preferred reschedule date
  • Reschedule with between 90 and 60 days notice: 20% of deposit retained by Clinic. Balance of payments made are transferred to preferred reschedule date
  • Reschedule with between 60 and 30 days notice: 30% of deposit retained by Clinic. Balance of payments made are transferred to preferred reschedule date
  • Reschedule with between 29 and 7 days notice: 50% of deposit retained by Clinic. Balance of payments made are transferred to preferred reschedule date
  • Reschedule with less than 7 days notice: Deposit retained by Clinic. Balance of payments made are transferred to preferred reschedule date

In personal circumstances of a proven extremely urgent nature, the Clinic may give individual consideration to applying a different rate.


Prior to surgery patients will have a detailed pre-operative consultation with Dr. Suporn. They also need to undergo pre-operative medical checks at the hospital, as well as meeting with the anesthesiologist. At least one full day is needed for these. Patients also need a good rest and recovery period to be at their fittest for surgery.

Patients must therefore plan to arrive in Thailand at least 3 nights (2 full free days) before their date of surgery to allow for adequate rest and resolving of any outstanding financial or/and medical matters before surgery. In the event that a patient arrives later than 3 nights before surgery, Dr Suporn reserves the right to cancel or reschedule surgery if he considers that the patient has had insufficient rest-time from the flight, and might therefore be unfit to undertake surgery.


The topic of visas for Thailand is quite complex and beyond the scope of this web site. Anyone wishing to study the subject for personal clarity may wish to visit the official government source for detail information. However, even the official information given there is not necessarily a wholly accurate reflection of the applied requirements for temporary visitors which, in practice, are less rigid than stated. We offer the following unofficial guidance:

For nationals of most countries (see official reference), a stay of 30 days or less requires only a Temporary Tourist’s Visa Exemption, which is obtained at Bangkok airport on arrival (forms are given out for completion on the inbound flight) and does not need to be obtained in advance of travel. The reference mentions the need for a photograph and a fee of 1000 Baht, but these are not asked for in practice. The only criteria are that one has a passport valid for the duration of intended stay, sufficient money to support one’s self (10,000 Baht, usually, but not normally asked for) and a valid return flight ticket. Patients are advised to contact their local Thai Embassy or Consulate for specific guidance if they have any concerns about their own circumstances.

It is normally possible on medical grounds to obtain up to a 10-day extension of a Temporary Tourist’s visa, though it is unwise to depend on being able to obtain such an extension. For those planning to stay in Thailand longer than 30 days or wishing to prepare for unexpected situations during their post-operative recovery, we advise they should apply to their local Thai Embassy or Consulate for a full 60 day Tourist ‘s Visa in advance of coming to Thailand . In such circumstances if necessary the Clinic can provide documentary evidence of the need to stay longer than 30 days, which may also assist in obtaining an ‘O’ visa for up to 90 days stay.

A Temporary Tourist’s Visa cannot be extended in Thailand to a 60 day Tourist Visa .

Flight Reservations

We ask that patients confirm their flight details and communicate them to us within 40 days before the date of surgery. Failure to do so may result in the date being given to someone else on a short waiting-list together with the loss of the deposit.

Patients may arrive any time of the day/night (24/7) to Bangkok Airport, where they will be met by Clinic staff.

In unforeseen circumstances there may be delays in post-operative recovery, making it necessary to reschedule the return dates leaving Thailand. To cover this eventuality, it is recommended to avoid purchasing flight tickets which have non-flexible return dates.

Patients undergoing SRS who will be subject to a long return flight and journey should give careful consideration to purchasing a return flight with the greatest leg room that they can afford to pay for.

Luggage Patients traveling alone to Thailand for SRS should ensure they travel with only light airport baggage (each piece under 20 kg (44lbs)) to avoid risk to injury during the return travel to their own country 

Post-Operative Certification

After FFS, AM, or SRS, the Clinic provides a medical certificate authenticating the event of having undergone surgery. In any cases after FFS where patient fears their passport photograph may no longer be a true reflection of themselves, the certificate may be produced to satisfy immigration officials as to one’s true identity. 

Notarization of SRS Certificate

Increasingly clients’ national or State document authorities will not automatically accept the medical certificate of SRS to change certain legal documents such as birth certificates, because they expect that the certificates be legally ‘notarized’ in Thailand.

We can arrange notarization for patients who require special documentation to meet their legislative needs, but we do ask that you let us know in advance, please. There are 2 options:

1. A simple additional process, in which the SRS certificate is taken to the Thai Medical Council, who provide an additional certificate certifying that Dr Suporn is qualified to undertake surgery in Thailand, and that his signature is known to them. This method is not a full notarization, because Dr Suporn is not present so his signature is not witnessed at the time he signs. Thus the method might not be acceptable to your own authorities. Please check with your own authorities, if this is what you need and is adequate. There is a charge of 2, 500 baht for obtaining the documents and additional certification.

2. A full notarization in which Dr Suporn signs a formal Affidavit as well as the SRS certificate in front of a Notary Public, who then signs the same document to confirm that the signature is authentic and witnessed. The Notary Public also includes a seal of authority to show his own credentials. This method is acceptable by all authorities worldwide, but is more difficult for us to arrange because there are not many Notary Publics in Thailand, and the process is more expensive. We have to pay the Notary Public for his services, as well as ensuring we can coordinate his diary with that of Dr Suporn. If you require this service, please tell us with plenty of time in advance, so that we can make arrangements. The price of this service – which includes the Notary Public’s fee – is 6, 000 Baht. All notarized documentation is provided in English. We cannot provide a translation into any other language. If your own country requires translation into your own language, you will need to arrange that yourself. Typically any document that has to be translated will need additional notarization to state that the interpretation is representative of the original English.

Medical Care and Insurance Provider Invoice Statements

Where patients require itemized statements and invoices as supporting evidence for claims they may have with their private insurance companies or medical care providers, we are unable under any circumstances to give any additional information more detailed than the breakdown of prices already submitted to the patient prior to surgery. We are unable to pass on any evidence of a commercial nature that discloses the Clinic’s costs paid for 3rd party support (such as hospital fees, operation room, anesthesiologist’s fees, and so on), all of which costs are entirely confidential to the Clinic’s business.